Welcome to Fun Lady Jewelry Blog!, where fun collections to have fun for all of you out there.  I will post new collections each week and feel free to make comments about my designs. And, if you like the design and the story behind it, you can have them (for a small fee)!.  I will be able to deliver them almost throughout the nation with standard shipping priceThe Morning Pearls.

Jewelry Collection will come with all the pictures in May 12, 2010. Thank you for being patient with me! I am taking baby steps here …

In addition to the jewelry collections I created there will be a category of fashion which will also coming soon (June 30, 2010).  It will involve fun collections of crocheted hats, scarves, cardigans, and bags.  They are all handmade crocheted by me, on my “watching-kids-program” time at home and every where!

I can’t wait to have this blog finished! I have nice group of people mostly family and friends who already want to see all of my collections but, I needed a little bit of time. It is really coming along. And, I can not imagine how I feel when this stage of making my business published completed. I would be honored if there is one or two or three or even four or more people who likes my designs and even buy and wear them! It will be a beautiful mutuality!

I have been away far too long and now I am slowly back to create more and upload more for all of fans of beading, crochet wire, and crochet-fashion fans out there.  The theme for this fall is, to feel good, relax, being special and different with positive aura around you, Ladies!   And, gents, should there are male fans of us out there, too!   It would be an honor.

I have been browsing and trying new techniques either from books or classes in making jewelries in this collection.  I take pride upon completions on each of items.  I would cheer “horeey!” each time I completed an art (whispered when my darling is sleeping).  I can’t wait to hear comments or even requests to assist anyone who is interested in any pieces I made, either to purchase, how-to make it, or to view it!

Terima kasih semuanya!  (Thank you – in Indonesia)

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New This Week

I could have insert these creations into “Elegant Designs”, but I could not figure a way out to do it. So, here we are. The items are new this week, so it is still suitable to put them here. But, they will be moved around once I know how to put them together. Anyway, this week is more about crocheted wire jewelries. I love crochet in wire! I checked out a book by Nancie M. Wiseman and she wrote that our ancestors (women) would have shocked to know that we can crochet with wires too. But, she also wrote that they would enjoy it at the same time, too. I agree. So, here are more to browse around for your perusal. Have a great weekend!