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I have been away far too long and now I am slowly back to create more and upload more for all of fans of beading, crochet wire, and crochet-fashion fans out there.  The theme for this fall is, to feel good, relax, being special and different with positive aura around you, Ladies!   And, gents, should there are male fans of us out there, too!   It would be an honor.

I have been browsing and trying new techniques either from books or classes in making jewelries in this collection.  I take pride upon completions on each of items.  I would cheer “horeey!” each time I completed an art (whispered when my darling is sleeping).  I can’t wait to hear comments or even requests to assist anyone who is interested in any pieces I made, either to purchase, how-to make it, or to view it!

Terima kasih semuanya!  (Thank you – in Indonesia)

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